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Past Editors-in-Chief: P. BOURGEOIS (Belgium) – C. CAMPISI (Italy) – S. MICHELINI (Italy)

Editor-in-Chief: F. BOCCARDO (Italy)

Assistant Editors: A. FAILLA (Italy) – G. MONETA (Italy)

Associate-Editors: RGH BAUMEISTER (Germany) – A. LEDUC (Belgium) – M. RIQUET (France)

H. BRORSON (Sweden) – O. ELISKA (Czech R.) – R. NUNO GRANDE (Portugal), C. CAMPISI (Italy)

Executive-Editor: S. MICHELINI (Italy)

Assistant Executive-Editors: O. LEDUC (Belgium), J.P. BELGRADO (Belgium)

National delegates and Scientific Committee: G. AZZALI (Italy) – A. BEHAR (France) –

K. BENDA (Czech. Rep.) – J. BRUNA (Czech. Rep.) – R. CLUZAN (France) – E. DIMAKAKOS (Greece) –

E. ELISKA (Czech Rep.) – E. FÖLDI (Germany) – M. FÖLDI (Germany) – I. FORNER-CORDERO (Spain) –

P.S. MORTIMER (Great-Britain) – NUNO R. GRANDE (Portugal) – W. OLSZEWSKI (Poland) –

A. PECKING (France) – A. PISSAS (France) – O. RADA (Romania) – A. SOUSA PEREIRA (Portugal) –

G. THIBAUT (France) – M. WALD (Czech. Rep.)

International Board of Trustees: MFC ANDRADE (Brazil) – M. WITTE (USA) – C. PAPENDIECK

(Argentina) – M. OHKUMA (Japan)

Secretary: O. LEDUC (Belgium)

Treasurer: J.P. BELGRADO (Belgium)

ESL Awards: Caplan price (anatomie, clinical) one year and the other year Papamiltiades price (physiology or

patho physiology).

Please see Topics page, and the Editor Board or the  Instructions to Author  page or the Techical Info page  for more info


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