Meeting of the ESL Executive Committee Bagnols sur Cèze on 01. 29th.2011

  1. 4. E.J.R.L.P.

Editor in Chief : F. Boccardo

Executive Editor : S. Michelini

In addition Michelini propose other the still existing assistant editors : I. Forner Cordero and E. Dimakakos are proposed.

The “national delegate” appellation is abandoned but Scientific Committee is persisting (proposal of Belgrado and Baumeister).

The Editor in Chief and the Scientific Committee have to maintain the scientific quality of the journal.

  1. 5. Financial situation

J.P.Belgrado explains that we have actually a budget of : 6.000 €.

He also reminds the difficulty he has to send the journal to our Russian members because the journal is regularly “ back to sender”  and post costs are really expensive.

To reduce the costs, Baumeister proposes to ask the editor to send the journal by himself. The President proposes to analyse this opportunity.

The EJRLP is send today to approximately 130 members in order with fees payment.

  1. 6. Adaptation of the ESL rules.

Introduction : Pissas gives an historical development of the rules of the Society and he reminds the different modifications introduced in the rules and published in the Belgium official journal called : “Moniteur belge”.

Bourgeois insists on the necessity to adapt the rules with the evolution of our society and to define more precisely the objectives of the ESL.

Pissas answers that answers the more the objectives are precisely described, the more difficult ‘ll become the organisation. He precises that the actual rules are excellent and really democratic.

The discussion addresses point by point :

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