Meeting of the ESL Executive Committee Bagnols sur Cèze on 01. 29th.2011


–       Article 3 :  “lymphatic drainage”  becomes “ lymphology” and “from the anatomical and physiological points of view” is suppressed.

–       Article 6 :

Paragr. 1 = “lymphatic drainage” becomes “ lymphology”

Paragr. 2 = “the goals reported in article 3, becomes “lymphology”

Paragr. 3 = “all members reported in number 1,2,3” becomes : all members reported in article 1,2,3 and article 9 …

–       Article 9 :  5.000 belgian francs becomes = 200 €uros

And in addition : “members who not payed the current fee cannot participate     to the General Assembly.

–       Article 14 : “of full members” becomes = of full members respecting article 9

Important note : In EJRLP 52 in 2007 ESL rules were published by error.

These “rules” must also being eliminated from the “ESL website”.

Internal rules : internal rules of ESL are existing but not yet translated in English.

The President proposes to translate the internal rules and to inform the members, also by website.

Website of the Society.

Michelini presents officially the new Website of the Society, just very popular from the statistical datas. The President urges all members of the Society to provide input and ideas to further enhance the news spread through the site

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