Meeting of the ESL Executive Committee Bagnols sur Cèze on 01. 29th.2011


Second part of the meeting Bagnols sur Cèze on 01. 30th 2011

Participants : S. Michelini, R. Baumeister, J.P. Belgrado, F. Boccardo,  E. Dimakakos, A. Leduc, O. Leduc, A. Pissas

Excused : C. Campisi, O. Eliska, I. Forner Cordero,J-P Brun, M.Riquet with proxies

Next congresses of  ESL :

E. Foldi proposed, during our last meeting, to organize the Congress in Freiburg (Germany) in 2012. The proposal was accepted.

F. Cordero proposed to organize our meeting in Valencia (Spain) in 2011 but for professional reasons this proposal could ‘nt be respected.

F. Cordero proposes actually to organise the meeting in 2012.

President Michelini ‘ll contact with F. Cordero to have an agreement.

Next congresses : Genoa in 2013 proposed by F. Boccardo and C. Campisi

and 2014 in Brussels proposed by P. Bourgeois.

Awards : The Caplan and Papamiltiades awards are still confirmed and are proposed each 2 years.

The price amount is: 1.000 Euros.

The President is informing W. Olszewski that this year the price is the Papamiltiades award. The candidates must be informed by announcement of the congress.

The condition criterias :

Caplan price : anatomo-clinical presentation

Papamiltiades price: patho-physiology and investigation

The authors have to candidate for the price by the Meeting President

They have to send the full text of the presentation and the text must Buy cheap Doxycycline be presented and published during the year in the E.J.R.L.P.

The General Assembly has to be organized during the first day of the meeting. The Jury of the award is composed by:

  1. the meeting President
  2. the ESL President
  3. the scientific committee President
  4. the scientific committee Vice President
  5. the editor in chief of EJRLP

No other award is accepted : the “P.B. award” is a “private award” and no private award may be given during the meeting.

Website: President Michelini proposes to mention on the ESL website the lymphology books written by the titular members of our society.

President Michelini thanks all participants of this Executive Committee and he thanks particularly A. Pissas and Françoise Pissas for the nice organisation of these both days.

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