Nominees for the PB Lymphological Awards 2014


The PB Lymphological Awards

The aim of the PB Lymphological Awards is to promote the scientific quality of the presentations given during the ESL meetings.

Members of the ESL Scientific Committee propose to Pr Pierre BOURGEOIS a list of (oral as well as poster) presentations that caught their attention based on their originality and scientific qualities.

Pr Pierre BOURGEOIS selects at least three of these presentations based on the following items:

– originality and interest of the subject,
– quality of the abstract,
– quality of the (oral or poster) presentation,
– interest given to the presentation by the members of the assembly and quality on the basis of the questions raised during the following discussion.

  • For presentation as a poster, at least one author must be present to discuss the work presented.
  • The same group with the same subject can not be selected two consecutive years.
  • These presentations will be nominated during/in the Highlights of the Meeting.
  • The names of the candidates with the tittle of their presentation will be published in the EJLRP and on the ESL Web-site.
  • The nominees must publish their presentation as full paper in EJLRP within the year following the meeting.
  • A monetary prize of maximum 1000 Euros will be given to the PB Lymphological Award winner(s) during the ESL meeting following their selection (when their presentation has been published as full paper in the EJLRP).

If several selected presentations were published in the EJLRP within the year following the meeting, the prize money will be divided between the nominees.

The award winners will then receive:    • a monetary prize of at most 500 Euros and at least 150 Euros,    • an award certificate.

The 2007 PB Lymphological Award selection:

Abs. 34:
“The role of Compression Garments in the Long-Term Management of Post-Mastectomy Lymphedema”
L Forner-Cordero, L Albiach-Gasco, J Munoz-Langa and D Maldonado-Garrido
Awarded 1000 Euros in 2008

Abs. 49:
“Dysfunction and secondary lymphedema in traumatology, complex therapy of burn trauma”
A Loskotova and J Loskotova

Abs. Poster 9:
“Lymphatic of the pleura: microstructure, inflammation and drainage of heavy metal particles”
MJR Oliveira, ASP Pereira, NR Grande and AP Aguas

The 2008 PB Lymphological Award selection :

Abs. 15:
“Lymphoedema post-mastectomy: primary prevention”
M Cestari, F Appetecchi, L curti and C de Rebotti

Abs. 24:
“Immunostimulation and decrease of phlogistic complications in lymphedema patients: preliminary study”
S Michelini, A Failla, G Moneta, M Cardone, V Rubegho and V Zinicola
Awarded 1000 Euros in 2009

Abs. 29:
“Development of lymphatic vessels in hypertrophic hearts”
E Okada

The 2009 PB Lymphological Award selection :

Buy Levitra Online No Prescription style=”padding-left: 30px;”>Abs. 6:
“The axillary web syndrome and physical therapy cases: comparison of 2 current treatments”
O Leduc, A Moreau, F Pastouret, A Tinlot, A Clement, T Parijs, F Beckers, JS Strappart and F Wilputte
Awarded 350 Euros in 2010

Abs. 13:
“Morbid obesity and lymphedema: a system of combined treatment”
CC Campisi, F Boccardo, C Campisi, E Benatti and FS Papadia
Awarded 350 Euros in 2010

Abs. 21:
“Characterization of lymphatics in non small cell lung carcinoma and correlation with lymph node metastasis: a preliminary morphological study”
A Cazes, M Douheret and M Riquet
Awarded 350 Euros in 2010

Abs. 28:
“Rosiglitazone effects in microvascular functions of Zucker fatty rats”
A Behar, E Cosson, K Tarhzaoui, G Leger and P Valensi

Abs. 29:
“Intralobular pulmonary lymphatic distribution in normal human lung”
M Kambouchner and JF Bernaudin

Abs. 38:
“Modification of the volume of lymph-nodes linked to the techniques of Manual Lymphatic Drainage”
JP Belgrado, C Rondeux, M Danet, J Senty, P Cullus, R Rosiella and JJ Moraine

The 2010 PB Lymphological Award selection :

Abs. Poster 9:
Interrelationship between fat cells and lymphatic endothelial cells in an adjuvant induced benign lymphangioma model
Ezaki T, Shimuzu K, Morikawa S, Kitahara S and Desaki J

Abs. Poster 15:
An extravascular cell migration pathway to lymphogenic route as revealed by specific markers for lymphatic vessels in the mouse spleen
Shimuzu K, Morikawa S, Kitahara S and Ezaki T

Abs. OP 11:
Epidemiology of lymphedema in Czech Republic: demands for health care (Update and perspective).
Benda K

Abs. OP 1:
The effect of paclitaxel treatment on the occurrence of lymphedema of the arm in unilateral breast cancer patients with axillary lymph node dissection: a prospective study.
Adriaenssens N, Lievens P, Fontaine C, Van Parijs H, Vanhoey M, Verfaillie G, Lamote J and De Greve J
Awarded 1000 Euros in 2012

The 2011 PB Lymphological Award selection :

“Clinical and genetic study of Italian families with primary lymphedema”
Michelini S, Bertelli M, Cardone M, Cecchin S, Cestari M, Corda D, Leone A, Mander A, Ricci M
Awarded 500 Euros in 2012

“Role of Lymphoscintigraphy in primary prevention after breast cancer treatment”
Cestari M
Awarded 500 Euros in 2012

Venous bridges as an alternative option for lymphovenous shunts in paediatrics
Papendieck CM, Pozo P, Barbosa L

The 2012 PB Lymphological Award selection :

Abs. poster 12
“VEGF-C application and the regeneration and reconnection of autotransplantated lymph nodes fragments in rats: the effects of time point, location and dosage”
Schindewolffs L., Buettler M, Hadamitzky C, Breves G and Pabst R

The 2013 PB Lymphological Award selection:

Abs. poster
“School of lymphedema prevention: your care, our goal”
Torralba-Puebla T, Ortiz-Fernandez L and Zammarripa-Cuesta M
Awarded 500 Euros in 2014

Abs. OP
“Breast edema following breast conserving surgery and radiotherapy”
Johansson K, Lathinien T and Bkork-Eriksson T
Awarded 500 Euros in 2014

The 2014 PB Lymphological Award selection:

Abs Poster 11
“Anxiety and depression: complicating factors of lymphedema treatment”
Bendova M, Benda K, Skrivanova K and Minar L

Abs Poster 3
“ICG fluorescence lymphography reveals real time lymph flow in the superficial lymph vessels of the leg by intermittent pneumatic compression in health”
Maegawa J, Matsubara S, Mikami T, Hirotomi K and Kitamaya S

Abs OP
“Lymphatico-venous side-to-end anastomosis in peripheral lymphoedema patients changes superficial lymph flow in ICG fluorescence lymphangiography”
Maegawa J, Matsubara S, Mikami T, Hirotomi K and Kitamaya S