Primary Lymphedema: Prodigal Son of Lymphatic Malformation


B. B. (Byung-Boong) Lee, MD, PhD, FACS

Professor of Surgery and Director, Center for Vein, Lymphatics and Vascular Malformations,

George Washington University, Washington DC, USA

Through many decades, no one paid enough attention on the obscure but unique origin of the primary lymphedema but considered harmless to deal as one of chronic lymphedema (1, 2).

Indeed, through the last century our knowledge on primary lymphedema has been so limited that we did not know the full nature of the primary lymphedema as a tip of the iceberg of the lymphatic malformation (LM); it is still considered not much serious issue to the clinicians (3, 4).

On the contrary, the secondary lymphedema, mostly buy Lasix online involved to the cancer management in the developed countries, has been well investigated for advanced management to reduce if not prevent the condition by appropriate measurement (5, 6).

Nevertheless, the efforts to define the relationship of the primary lymphedema with the rest of lymphatic malformation for more than two decades began to deliver substantial new information to help us to understand this neglected condition better.  Recently published “IUP Consensus on Primary Lymphedema-2009” is one of these contribution (7).

This consensus group, however, decided to limit its scope strictly to the subject linked to the clinical aspect of  primary lymphedema as the most crucial message to be delivered at this time;  the other side of the coin from the LM’s point of view as one of vast groups of the congenital vascular malformations (CVMs) was intentionally left to avoid unnecessary confusion (8).

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