Executive Committee


Honorary President: Albert Leduc, Belgium email

Honorary Members:

    1. Jean Patrice Brun, France        email
    2. Mark Riquet, France     email
    3. Gilbert Thibaut, France     email

President: Francesco Boccardo, Italy  email


    • Ruediger Baumeister, Germany     email
    • Ethel Földi, Germany     email

Secretary: Olivier Leduc, Belgium email

Treasurer: Pierre Bourgeois, Belgium   email

Scientific Committee President:  Pierre Bourgeois, Belgium   email

Scientific Committee Vice-President: Evangelos Dimakakos, Greece   email

Responsible for the ESL Web Site: Marina Cestari, Italy   email

Executive Committee Members

  • Hakan Brorson, Sweden     email
  • Corradino Campisi, Italy     email
  • Marina Cestari, Italy     email
  • Isabel Forner Cordero, Spain     email
  • Evangelos Dimakakos, Greece   email
  • Amer Hamadé, France     email
  • Joseph Harfouche, Belgium     email
  • Karin Johansson, Sweden     email
  • Sandro Michelini, Italy     email
  • Giovanni Moneta, Italy     email
  • Alberto Macciò, Italy    email
  • Sara Dessalvi  email

  • Nele Adriaenssens  email

  • Alexandre Pissas, France     email
  • Martin Wald, Czech Republic     email
  • Sarah Thomis, Belgium    email