The PB Lymphological Awards


The aim of the PB LymphologicalAwards is to promotethe scientific quality of the presentations given during the ESL meetings.

Members of the ESL Scientific Committee propose to Prof. Pierre BOURGEOIS a list of (oral as well as poster) presentations that caught their attention based on their originality and scientific qualities.

These presentations are selected on the basis of theoriginality and interest of the subject, of the quality of the abstract, of the quality of the (oral or poster) presentation, of the interest given to the presentation by the members of the assembly and of the quality of the questions raised during the following discussion.

For presentation as a poster, at least one author must be present to discuss the work presented.

The same group with the same subject can not be selected two consecutive years.

These presentations will be nominated during the Highlights of the Meeting and the names of the candidates with the tittle of their presentation will be published in the EJLRP and on the ESL Web-site.

The nominees are invited to publish their presentation as full paper in EJLRP within the year following the meeting.

A monetary prize of maximum 1000 Euros will be given to the PB LymphologicalAward winner(s) during the ESL meeting following their selection (when their presentation has been published as full paper in the EJLRP).

If several selected presentations are published in the EJLRP within the year following the meeting, the prize money will be divided between the nominees.

  • The 2020 PB Lymphological Award selection:  « Maybe…you? »


  • The 2019 PB Lymphological Award selection:
    • “Human lower limb lymphatic pulse insufficiency” Olszewski WL, ZaleskaMT
    • “The lymphoscintigraphic study of the deep lymphatic circulation for the differential diagnosis of lower limbs edema” Povolato M, Onorato A, Busetto A
    • “MRL and clinical evaluation of free lymph node transfer in management of lymphoedema of extremities» Atta A.T.
    • “Evaluation of different short-stretch compression systems treating patients with bilateral leg lymphoedema Stage II” PlaninsekRučigajP, VrečekA, BergantSuhodolčanA
    • “Evaluation of physical activity, exercise capacity, physical performance, balance and fear of movement in lower extremity lymphedema patients” PehlivanP, ErdoğanoğluY, TüzünS
    • “Upper Limb Functional Capacity and Peripheral Muscle Strength in Patients with Lymphedema after Breast Cancer” Nur Selin Of, TüzünS
    • “Complex decongestive therapy: transition from intensive phase to maintenance phase” Macciò A

Awarded 500 Euros in 2019

    • “Value and Limits of Surgeryin Primaryand SecondaryLymphoedema” MicheliniS, Fiorentino A, FantegrossiMR, Failla A, MonetaG, CardoneM.
    • “Ultrasonographyfor classifyinglymphaticsclerosistypes and decidingoptimal sites of LVA in lymphedemapatients” MiharaM, Hara H, TakatoT
    • “PneumaticCompression Therapyof Lymphedema: Prejudiceor ReasonableConcern« RovnayaA
  • The 2018 PB Lymphological Award selection:
    • “Effectsof WorsenedLymphaticDrainage on the metabolic, immune and signalingqualitiesof femoraladipose tissue and interstitialfluidin gynoidobesity…”  RossmeislováL, VaraliováZ, ŠiklováM, SvobodováB, ŠtepánM, GojdaJ,PotočkováJ, KrauzováE, KračmerováJ, ŠtichV, KocM, VlasákR
    • “LymphedemadoesNot EnhanceIntrinsicadipogeniccapacityof adipose precursorsbut alterslipolyticand lipogeniccapacityof mature adipocytes” RossmeislováL, VaraliováZ, ŠiklováM, SvobodováB, ŠtepánM, GojdaJ,PotočkováJ, KrauzováE, KračmerováJ, ŠtichV, KocM, VlasákR.
    • “ChronicLymphedemaImmunotherapy– Bone MarrowStemCellsTreatment” SalarichM, Vidal P.
    • “ComplexDecongestiveTherapyApplication on Arm withLymphedemaand Monoplegia” ErtürkB, KeserI, ErerD
  • The 2017 PB Lymphological Award selection:
    • Impaired cell mediated immunity in lymphedema and its possible impact on cancer metastasis formation SzolnokyG, OlagH, OcsaiH, DobozyA and KmenyL
    • The influence of the arm sleeves on hemodynamic outcomes during an induced upper limb edema  PastouretF, Tanciello-affanelM, Leduc O, ZirakC and HubarI
    • Impaired cell mediated immunity in lymphedema and its possible impact on cancer metastasis formation SzolnokyG, OlagH, OcsaiH, DobozyA and KmenyL
    • The influence of the arm sleeves on hemodynamic outcomes during an induced upper limb edema PastouretF, Tanciello-affanelM, Leduc O, ZirakC and HubarI
  • Awarded 1000 Euros in 2018
    • The Perikit; reproducibility and accuracy of an innovative portable device to measure the limb perimeters through blinded study HarfoucheJN, DaoudN and VeluT
    • “Magnetic resonance imaging shows increased content of epi and sub fascial fat and subfasciafat muscle tissue water in arm and leg lymphedema” HoffnerM, Peterson P, ManssonS and BrorsonH
    • “Mid and long Termresults in postoperative patency if lymphatic venous side to end anastomosis” MaegawaJ, YakubiY, Matsubara S and Mikami
  • The 2016 PB LymphologicalAward selection:
    • Looking for a safe way for the withdrawal of compression garments in patients with breast cancer related lymphedema” Belmonte R, TortosaA, Galindo M, Romeo A, TejeroM and MuniesaJ

The 2015 PB LymphologicalAward selection:

    • “New method for detection of dormant bacteria in lymphadenomatoustissues” Olszewski W, ZaleskaM, DurlikM and Stelmach E
    • “Cumulative patency rate of lymphatic venous anastomosis and postoperative changes of compression in treatment of upper lm lymphedemas” MaegawaJ, Matsubara S, Miami T and TosakiA
    • “Is there an interest to perform twice daily short-stretch multicomponent bandaging during hospital intensive treatment of lower limb lymphedema?” LessertC, LuthiI, TomsonD, MazzolaiL and DepaironM

The 2014 PB Lymphological Award selection:

    • “Anxiety and depression: complicating factors of lymphedema treatment” BendovaM, Benda K, SkrivanovaK and MinarL
    •  “ICG fluorescence lymphography reveals real time lymph flow in the superficial lymph vessels of the leg by intermittent pneumatic compression in health” MaegawaJ, Matsubara S, MikamiT, HirotomiK and KitamayaS
    • “Lymphatico-venous side-to-end anastomosis in peripheral lymphoedemapatients changes superficial lymph flow in ICG fluorescence lymphangiography” MaegawaJ, Matsubara S, MikamiT, HirotomiK and KitamayaS

Awarded 500 Euros in 2014

    •  “Breast edema following breast conserving surgery and radiotherapy”
      Johansson K, LathinienT and Bkork-Eriksson T

The 2013 PB Lymphological Award selection:

    •  “School of lymphedema prevention: your care, our goal” Torralba-Puebla T, Ortiz-Fernandez L and Zammarripa-Cuesta M

 The 2012 PB Lymphological Award selection :

    • “VEGF-C application and the regeneration and reconnection of autotransplantatedlymph nodes fragments in rats: the effects of time point, location and dosage” SchindewolffsL., BuettlerM, HadamitzkyC, Breves G and Pabst R

Awarded 500 Euros in 2012

    • “Role of Lymphoscintigraphyin primary prevention after breast cancer treatment”
    • Venous bridges as an alternative option for lymphovenousshunts in paediatrics
      PapendieckCM, PozoP, Barbosa L
  • The 2011 PB LymphologicalAward selection :“Clinical and genetic study of Italian families with primary lymphedema” MicheliniS, BertelliM, CardoneM, CecchinS, CestariM, CordaD, Leone A, ManderA, Ricci M

The 2010 PB LymphologicalAward selection :

    • Interrelationship between fat cells and lymphatic endothelial cells in an adjuvant induced benign lymphangioma model Ezaki T, ShimuzuK, Morikawa S, KitaharaS and DesakiJ
    • An extravascular cell migration pathway to lymphogenic route as revealed by specific markers for lymphatic vessels in the mouse spleen ShimuzuK, Morikawa S, KitaharaS and Ezaki T
    • Epidemiology of lymphedema in Czech Republic:demands for health care (Update and perspective). Benda K

Awarded 350 Euros in 2010

 “Morbid obesity and lymphedema: a system of combined treatment” CC Campisi, F Boccardo, C Campisi, E Benattiand FS Papadia

Awarded 350 Euros in 2010

 “Characterization of lymphaticsin non small cell lung carcinoma and correlation with lymph node metastasis: a preliminary morphological study” A Cazes, M Douheretand M Riquet

Awarded 350 Euros in 2010

    •  “Rosiglitazone effects in microvascular functions of Zucker fatty rats” A Behar, E Cosson, K Tarhzaoui, G Leger and P Valensi
    •  “Intralobular pulmonary lymphatic distribution in normal human lung” M Kambouchnerand JF Bernaudin
    •  “Modification of the volume of lymph-nodes linked to the techniques of Manual Lymphatic Drainage” JP Belgrado, C Rondeux, M Danet, J Senty, P Cullus, R Rosiellaand JJ Moraine
    • The effect of paclitaxel treatment on the occurrence of lymphedema of the arm in unilateral breast cancer patients with axillary lymph node dissection: a prospective study.
      AdriaenssensN, LievensP, Fontaine C, Van ParijsH, VanhoeyM, VerfaillieG, LamoteJ and De GreveJ
  • The 2009 PB LymphologicalAward selection : “The axillary web syndrome and physical therapy cases: comparison of 2 current treatments” O Leduc, A Moreau, F Pastouret, A Tinlot, A Clement, T Parijs, F Beckers, JS Strappartand F Wilputte

Awarded 1000 Euros in 2009

    •  “Development of lymphatic vessels in hypertrophic hearts” E Okada
    •  “Lymphoedema post-mastectomy: primary prevention” M Cestari, F Appetecchi, L curtiand C de Rebotti
  • The 2008 PB Lymphological Award selection : “Immunostimulationand decrease of phlogisticcomplications in lymphedema patients: preliminary study” S Michelini, A Failla, G Moneta, M Cardone, V Rubeghoand V Zinicola

Awarded 1000 Euros in 2008

    •  “Dysfunction and secondary lymphedema in traumatology, complex therapy of burn trauma” A Loskotovaand J Loskotova
    •  “Lymphatic of the pleura: microstructure, inflammation and drainage of heavy metal particles” MJR Oliveira, ASP Pereira, NR Grande and AP Aguas

The 2007 PB Lymphological Award selection:

 “The role of Compression Garments in the Long-Term Management of Post-Mastectomy Lymphedema” L Forner-Cordero, L Albiach-Gasco, J Munoz-Langaand D Maldonado-Garrido

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