The European Society of Lymphology

In 1978, at a scientific meeting organized at the University Hospital of Grenoble, Albert Leduc and Alexandre Pissas, after having made each other’s acquaintance, evoked the possible creation of a French-speaking association for the study of lymphatics.
The International Society of Lymphology (I.S.L.) had been existing for several years at that time but it organized its congresses every two years in regions often far away from Europe. Moreover, English was its exclusive working language.
These two reasons contributed to our deciding to found a European society.The working language of which should be French but open to the use of other languages such as English, Spanish or Italian if authors wanted to present their papers in their native language.
It was in 1978 that a first preparatory meeting was organized with some colleagues and friends at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
We had taken the opportunity of a passing through Europe of Isidoro Caplan to invite several colleagues who might have been interested by this initiative.
Following persons were present: Pierre Bourgeois, Isidoro Caplan, Geneviève Hidden,Albert Leduc, Pierre Lievens, Joseph Pflug, Alexandre Pissas, Sabine Godart and Serge Theys.
The by-laws had been drafted by Albert Leduc.
After having been discussed they were adopted unanimously.
The by-laws of the society, which have remained unchanged until today, are particular in so far as they distinguish between full and associate-members, the latter having the possibility to be appointed as full-members after submitting and presenting a scientific work for evaluation by full-members.

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