Meeting of the ESL Executive Committee Bagnols sur Cèze on 01. 29th.2011


Participants : S. Michelini, R. Baumeister, J.P. Belgrado, F. Boccardo, P. Bourgeois, E. Dimakakos, A. Leduc, O. Leduc, A. Pissas

Excused : C. Campisi, O. Eliska, I. Forner Cordero,J-P Brun, M.Riquet with proxies

  1. Opening : A. Leduc, in his quality of “pres. of hon.” opens the meeting and he informs about the death of our member Prof. Dr Eliskova. The all members decide to send a letter of condolence to our colleague and friend Oldrich Eliska.
  1. Election of the board :

President : candidate S. Michelini: result of vote  13  yes  and 1 abstention

Vice Presidents : candidates R. Baumeister : result of vote 13 yes and 1 abstention

F. Boccardo : result of vote 13 yes and 1 abstention

Treasurer : candidate J.P. Belgrado : result of vote 13 yes and 1 abstention

Secretary : candidate O. Leduc : result of vote 12 yes and 2 abstentions

  1. Election of the scientific committee:

The President propose to elect Pierre Bourgeois as President and Evangelos Dimakakos as Vice-President. The presents voted:

President : P. Bourgeois 13 yes and 1 abstention

Vice-president : E. Dimakakos 13 yes and 1 abstention

The scientific has to help the Congress President to maintain elevate the scientific level of the meeting. The meeting president is the main deciding autority.

It is proposed to define different categories of presentation:

The full presentation : time 20 minutes

The short presentation : time 10 minutes

The poster presentation

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