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  1. by Jan Weiss, PT, DHS on 18 January 2011  03:18 Reply

    Dear Sir,
    As Continuing Medical Education Coordinator for LANA (Lymphology Association of North America), I am responsible for assisting our members to further their knowledge of lymphatic dysfunction and treatment by reading articles posted on the LANA website, and answering questions to demonstrate understanding of the article.

    Recently one of our members reviewed the article "Role of Hivamat in the treatment for lymphedema of the limbs" by V. Gasbarro, et al, and wishes that it be made available for use by other LANA members. This very interesting article is located in the European J Lymphology, 2006;16(48). I would like to request your permission to be able to post a link to this article, or receive a pdf version of said article on the LANA website so that our members may benefit from the information provided.

    You may email me at the address above. Thanks for your assistance.
    Jan Weiss, PT, DHS

  2. by webmaster on 25 January 2011  12:32 Reply

    Dear Sir.
    We appreciate your considerations and we authorize you to create a link to the article in object
    Best regards

    Sandro Michelini, president.

  3. by april chang on 17 February 2011  21:10 Reply

    Dear sir/madam
    is the conference in english. Would you please email me the schedule and related info?
    april chang

  4. by DENISE on 28 May 2011  15:08 Reply

    I had my pelvic lymphnodes removed during a hysterectomy in 2000 in the USA due to adenocarcinoma insito of my uterus endometrium. I was not told about a potential lymphatic edema or precautions to prevent it. I was studying in the USA and came back the next year to my homecountry Brasil. Three years later I developed a stage 1 leg edema on the right side and have been treating it ever since with manual drainage massage, compression tights, exercising and horsechestnut pills. Here in Brasil, there are many angiologists but no one specialized in lymphatic edema. I once went to an angiologist who prescribed benzopirone and it made me rather sick. I would like to know if you can recommend a doctor in Brasil (Rio de Janeiro) because I would really like to reduce the edema I have now varying of 2 to 4 cm to less of that.
    Thank you very much

  5. by Diana Dolzadelli on 6 April 2012  03:43 Reply

    I have secondary lymphedema after breast cancer surgery. I live in Perth Australia and will be travelling to Italy in May 2012 for two months. I would like to find a physiotherapist/specialist who is trained in Vodder, uses kinesio taping and laser in Chiavenna (province of Sondrio) or nearby.
    Thank you for your assistance.
    Diana Dolzadelli

  6. by maurizia baccoli on 31 May 2012  11:09 Reply

    Buongiorno Per ben tre volte con scadenza triennale (casuale spero!) mi succede un travaso di LIQUIDO LINFATICO SOVRACLAVEARE SINISTRO...sempre lo stesso posto. in pratica sento un fastidio al collo sopra la spalla sx, mi GONFIO e SVENGO....(va a comprimere il nervo VAGO) poi mi riprendo e finchè si riassorbe tutto, resto MOLTO stanca, spossata e ho "fastidi" (non dolori), all'occhio, alla gola , all'orecchio, che variano un po'....e pian piano se ne va tutto Questa volta (mi è successo l'altro ieri) sto molto meglio, mi sono ripresa velocemente. Il gonfiore se ne va nel giro di 24 ore Fatte ecografie, risonanze ecc...resta un mistero: nulla è rotto, nulla ostacola, si capisce che è liquido linfatico, ma non si sa perché succede. Sono seguita da una bravissima dott.ssa otorino, ma sembro l'unica ad avere ciò sia io, ci sono spiegazioni di cos'è più precisamente e soprattutto perché succede? Ormai devo convivere con questo disturbo? Grazie e buon lavoro MB

  7. by Donald Gordon on 24 July 2012  16:50 Reply

    I had an operation for colon cancer in Dec 2008. In April 2009 I started a course of chemotherapy and was advised that vibratory massage was perfectly safe. Accordingly I continued to use the Niagara Therapy massage pad that I had, and had incidentally, sold successfully many years before. In 2010 I had a liver resectioning. Last year, 2011 a scan revealed inoperable tumours in each lung and another tumour pressing on my left kidney! Further chemo followed which had, I was told a successful result on the lung tumours. At this time I was barely using the massage, the motor of which eventually burnt out.
    However, I recently purchased a new unit which I used on a regular basis. I now find that my blood counts have increased somewhat, and in addition, I had an arthritic flare up in my hips which must have been weakened by the chemo. In view of my experience I am firmly of the opinion that strong vibratory massage can spread cancer through the lymphatic system. I would welcome your comments and opinions. Yours sincerely , Don Gordon.

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