Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I would like to inform you that I’m going to organize a Lymphedema – Lymphatic Diseases Educational Day Program of the Center for the Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Lymphedema – Lymphatic Diseases of Children and Adults Metropolitan Hospital in cooperation with and under the auspices of the Greek Society of Society , HEAL Academy ,VAS-European Independent Foundation in Angiology/ Vascular Medicine and the European Society of Lymphology on 29/6/23 with the topic
Interdisciplinary Medical Holistic Prevention and Treatment of Lymphedema – Lymphatic Diseases in Children and Adults: New Data in Greece
More than 60 persons as chairmen and speakers will be in this educational Day to inform and to advance the care of people living with lymphatic diseases! We attend we discuss and we exchange knowledge with the help of  different round tables with topics for diagnosis of lymphedema -differential diagnosis of a big Lymph node- oncology and lymphatic system,- radiotherapy and lymphatic system- vein-lympho edema- breast cancer and lymphedema and surgical oncology and lymphatic system.
I would like to thank our President of ESL F. Boccardo for his valuable help and support for the event of this Educational Day of Lymphology
My warm regards
Elected President of International Society of Lymphology
Director of Center of Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Lymphedema -Lymphatic Diseases of Metropolitan Hospital
Head of Vascular Unit-Training  Center of Angiology of UEMS- of 3rd Department of Internal Medicine of University of Athens Public Hospital ‘SOTIRIA’
Vice President of Scientific Committee of European Society of Lymphology
Greek Delegate  and Member of UEMS of Angiology / Vascular Medicine
P.President of  Greek Society of Lymphology

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