38° ESL-Congress


38th European Congress of Lymphology

14 – 15 September 2012 Berlin


President Etelka Foldi

Dear Colleagues,

In my capacity of President of the 38th ESL-Congress it is a great honour for me to welcome you on 14 – 15 September, 2012 in Berlin.

The congress will offer delegates and guests an interaction between research and clinically relevant problems. Famous representatives of our discipline from all over the world will give an overview of actual problems of clinical Lymphology.

Lymphological research has a long tradition in Germany, which is the homeland of the conservative treatment of lymphedema. Namely scientists and pioneers such as Virchow, Esmarch, Kulenkampff, Winiwarter, Bennhold and others.

The congress will also offer many opportunities for meetings and interactive discussions. It will serve as a platform for researchers, clinicians and lymphedema therapists.

Come to visit the ESL-Congress in Berlin. The metropolis welcomes you with its multi-cultural charm and many attractions: museums, theatres, music, sightseeing and tours.

Prof. Dr. Etelka Földi