Corradino Campisi


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Brief information is reported here below about the most important events in my Curriculum vitae, referred to the years preceding the three-year period specified above. For more detailed information, you can visit specific sections. Scientific Sector – Scientific Disciplinary Area: MED/18 – General SurgeryBorn in Trapani on Sept. 26 1948.      * Degree from High School for Humanities (Genoa, 1967). University Degree in Medicine and Surgery (110/110, Summa cum Laude and medal – Genoa, July 18 1973) and winner of the “Lepetit” Award for the best Experimental Degree Dissertation. Medical specialties (attained with summa cum laude): Vascular Surgery (Genoa, 1976), General Surgery (Genoa, 1981), Emergency Surgery and First Aid (Modena, 1986). University Career, Teaching, Research, Appointments: Institute of General Clinical Surgery, University of Genoa: Esercitatore pratico (Practical Trainer) (of General Clinical Surgery and Surgical Therapy “R”: Years 1973-’74, 1974-’75); Medico interno universitario con compiti assistenziali (Resident) (of General Clinical Surgery and Surgical Therapy “R”: from 19.07.1973 to 31.07.1977); two-year scholarship for scientific and teacher’s training (General Clinical Surgery and Surgical Therapy: from 1.06.1976 to 31.07.1977); Assistente Ordinario to the Professorship in General Clinical Surgery and Surgical Therapy II (from 1.08.1977 to 11.02.1981); Assistente Ordinario with role of Aiuto (Assistant) to the Professorship in General Clinical Surgery and Surgical Therapy II (from 12.02.1981 to 27.04.1983); Associate Professor in Microsurgery since 1.08.1980 (hired on 28.04.1983 and confirmed on 28.04.1986 (in charge of teaching Emergency Surgery and First Aid since 1.11.1993); employed under SSD F08A – General Surgery, since 13.04.1995 and, since 20.03.2001); employed under SSD MED/18 – General Surgery; Professore Staordinario of General Surgery, since 1.11.2005; Professore Ordinario in General Surgery since 1.11.2008. Employers: 1973-1997, Institute of Clinical Surgery “R”; 1997-2005, Department of Specialty Surgical Sciences, Anaesthesiology and Organ Transplantation (DISCAT).

  • Author of 571 scientific papers, monographs, and chapters of essays and books (both Italian and international).
  • Performed over 4000 surgeries (General Surgery, Lymphatic Surgery, and Microsurgery).
  • “Honoris Causa” Degree in Medicine and Surgery – School of Medicine  Valença/Rio de Janeiro – Brazil: 11/09/1996.
  • Professor H.C. at the School of Medicine Valença/Rio de Janeiro since 1999.
  • Holding positions with several Italian and international scientific Societies, corresponding to progress in my academic, scientific, and surgical career, especially in the field of Lymphatic Surgery and Microsurgery applied to General Surgery.
  • Commendatore dell’Ordine al merito (Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic) (1993).

Following the positive assessment outcome for a position as Full Professor at the School of Medicine and Surgery, University of Genoa, for the Scientific Disciplinary Area: MED/18 – General Surgery (D.R.  – Rector’s Decree- No. 491 dd. 1/04/2004, published in the Official Journal No. 28 – IV Special Series- dd. 24/03/2004), having regard to the resolutions passed by the Management Board of the University of Genoa on 21.02.2005 and on 1.03.2005, and having checked with D.R. No. 345 dd. 24/03/2005 the validity of all the above mentioned proceedings, the above mentioned School of Medicine, with unanimous resolution passed on 27/04/2005, appointed the undersigned as Professore di ruolo di I° fascia (Full Professor) for SSD MED/18 – General Surgery.
After completion of the administrative procedure required by the Administration Manager of the University of Genoa (Prot. No. 16218 dd. 4/7/05), after my acceptance of the appointment, of the position (Section 8 – Law No.311 dd. March 18 1958), as well as my having opted for a full time job (Law No. 7256 /10/1982), together with a certification on stamped paper of my physical fitness and my affidavit on my being registered (since 1974) with the Provincial Order of Physicians and Surgeons (see accompanying letter, addressed to the Administration Manager, with all related attachments, dd. 18/07/2005), the Ufficio Dirigenziale per l’Amministrazione del Personale-Settore II (Dept. of Personnel Administration) (Prot. No.18247 dd. 26/07/2005), with D.R. No. 887 dd. 21/07/2005 notified to me my appointment as Professore Straordinario in General Surgery, with effect as of 1/11/2005. I officially took up this role and, at the same time, relinquished my previous position as Confirmed Associate Professor.
With transmission by the Dept. of Personnel Administration of copy of D.R. No.1300 (11/05) (Prot. No. 29182 dd. 28/11/05), concerning my salary as Full Time Professore Straordinario of SSD MED/18 – General Surgery, the whole appointment procedure as Professore Straordinario with the School of Medicine and Surgery University of Genoa was completed.
In compliance with the Minutes of the Faculty Members’ Meeting dd. April 27 2005, with specific reference to teaching and scientific activities that the winning candidate is required to undertake (and as approved by the Faculty Members’ Meeting on 1/04/2004), in the Three-year period 1/11/2005 – 31/10/2008, I carried out the activities described here below.

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