Evangelos Panos Dimakakos


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Brief curriculum vitae

Personal Data
Name Evangelos  Panos Dimakakos
Place of birth Winterthour, Switzerland
Date of birth 10/11/1970
Nationality Greek
Marital status Married – four children
Telephone(fax) Home +30-210-6140560 mob. +306972000842
Mailing address Aisopou 10 street, Maroussi, 15122 Athens, Greece

e-mail: edimakakos@yahoo.gr

Secondary education
  • Helliniki Peadia of Maroussi
University education
  • Medical School of  Athens (1990-1996)
  • Internal Medicine Specialty, Greece (2004)
  • Specialization in Lymphedema Therapy (MLD/CDT) in special clinic for Lymphology in which chairman is Prof. M. Foeldi, in Hinterzarten, Germany (2005).
  • Specialization in Vascular Medicine after examination (European Fellowship on Angiology/Vascular Medicine) (2006).
  • Doctoral Dissertation, University of Athens (2006).
Past  appointment
  • Compulsory medical term for one year in rural region of Greece (1997).
  • Voluntary occupation at the Unit for Medical Angiology of the 4th Department of Internal Medicine “Evangelismos” State General Hospital in Athens, as scientific co-operator for one year (1998-1999).
  • Trainee Doctor at the 4th Department of Internal Medicine & Unit for Medical Angiology,  “Evangelismos” State General Hospital, Athens, Greece (1999-2004) in which chairman is Ass. Prof.E. Diamantopoulos.
  • Manual Lymph Drainage, Vodder Technique, and Complete Decongestive Therapy, MLD/CDT in Foeldi clinic Hinterzarten, Germany (4/7/2005-22/7/2005).
  • Advanced and Review Course in Manual Lymph Drainage and Complete Decongestive Therapy, MLD/CDT in Foeldi clinic Hinterzarten, Germany (8/5/2006-12/5/2006).
Present appointment
  • Responsible of Outpatient Vascular Unit of Oncology Clinic of 3rd Internal Clinic of the University of Athens “Sotiria” General Hospital  Athens. Greece
  • Head of Lymphology Unit of AngionMedicine- Private Center of Vascular Diseases
  • A scientific co-operator at the 2nd Department of Surgery – Vascular Surgery of the University of Athens, “Aretaieion”.


Instructor of medical students , nurse students and  dentist students in 3rd Internal Medicine clinic of University

of Athens ‘Sotiria’

Instructor of postgraduates Physicians 

Distinctions and Prizes

  • 3o Prize of best oral announcement at  XXII World Congress of the International Union of Angiology, 24-28 June 2006, Lisbon, Portugal with title ‘Interstitial Magnetic Resonance Lymphography : Is It a New Method for the Diagnosis of Lymphedema? With authors E. Dimakakos, A.Koureas, V. Koutoulidis, V.Skiadas, K. Katsenis, A.Gouliamos, L.Vlachos.
  • Presidential Prize of ISL at 21ST International Congress of Lymphology, September 26-29, 2007, Shanghai, China with title Interstitial Magnetic Resonance Lymphography: The Clinical Effectiveness of a New Method

with authors ?. Dimakakos, ?. Koureas, V.Koutoulidis, V.Skiadas, K.Katsenis, N Arkadopoulos, A.Gouliamos,


  • Travel Award of ISL at 22ST International Congress of Lymphology, September 21-25, 2009, Syndney, Australia
  • President of around tables at more than 10 national and international congresses
  • President of 36th Congress of European Society of Lymphology
  • Editor in national and international Journals

Medical publications

  • About 36 contributions in scientific literature
  • Contribution in the compilation of a medical book “Management of emergency cases in a rural infirmary”

Publication by: The Society of Medical Students of Greece, Athens Ampicillin online 1995

  • Translation  in Greek of Textbook of Lymphology (authors M.Foeldi, E.Foeldi, S.Kubik)(in press)
Medical Societies
  • Scientific Society Medical Students of Greece.
  • Hellenic Society of Angiology.
  • Hellenic Society of Phlebology
  • International Union of Angiology
  • International Society of Lymphology
  • European Society of Lymphology.
  • Vascular -Independent Research and Education- European Organisation (VAS)
  • Founder of Greek Society of Lymphology
  • Member of E.C. of European Society of Lymphology.
  • Member of Committee of International Society of Lymphology
  • ecc
Congresses- – Seminars
  • Participation as speaker in more than 30 National and International Congresses.
  • Participation in more than 50 National and International Congresses.
  • Attendance of more than 50 National and International Seminars.
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