Greetings from Past President


Dear Colleagues,

after eight years of Presidency of the ESL allow me to express you the feelings of honor for having performed a role so prestigious and at the same time i wish to express the gratitude for those who have placed their trust in me and for the strong support and cooperation which I have provided in this long period.

The Society is alive and is composed of distinguished scientists, many of whom laid the groundwork of modern Lymphology.

In recent years I have seen the birth of new national scientific societies (Greek, Turkish, Romanian) and others are growing (Czech, Spanish, Italian, French and German).

There grew up also the strong bond that binds us happily to the ISL. And we should be pride given that the same statute of ESL expects at least eighty (percent) of the European Society member’s also belong to the International Society.

But what most impressed me in this experience is the interpersonal climate that I found and I tried to keep, which I would define almost ‘family’.

To find so many people of high scientific and professional depth simple and available, even in complex times that we are going through in the world, is not an easy task.

A large family where everybody discussed (and continue to argue) even heatedly (also excitedly), but where everybody always found the right sum, in different positions, for the common interest. A group of European scientists (as well as non-European) who has contributed and is contributing, in a decisive way, to address the guidelines of the most important international scientific societies (the ISL Consensus Document’s and the specific guidelines of UIP and the IUA).

There are all the prerequisites for further growth, and I am confident that under careful and balanced, great personal experience of our friend Francesco Boccardo, the Society will remain one of the international benchmarks of this field.

A cordial greeting to all of you and many congratulations to Francesco.

MicheliniDr. Sandro Michelini

Past President of the European Society of Lymphology



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