Signs of lipedema

  • Buy cheap Levitra class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-187″ title=”signoflipedema” src=”” alt=”” width=”150″ height=”159″ />Type I: Increase in fatty tissue in the area of the buttocks and hips (saddle bag phenomenon)
  • Type II: Lipedema extends as far down as the knees, formation of folds of fat around the inner side of the knee
  • Type III: Lipedema extends from the hips to the ankles
  • Type IV: Arms and legs are affected
  • Type V: Lipo-lymphedema

We categorize the condition in different stages depending on the degree of severity.

  1. Stage: Cellulite, finely dimpled skin surface
  2. Stage: ?Mattress skin,? coarsely dimpled skin surface with larger indentations
  3. Stage: Large, deforming folds of fat

In addition, other complaints such as a dull, swelling feeling, sensitivity to touch and pressure, and sensitivity to cold may arise. The sensitivity to touch can go so far that even putting on a skirt or pants results in inexplicable pain in the lower legs? Spider veins? often develop on the side of the upper thigh. As the condition progresses and massive folds of fat develop, patients experience difficulty walking as the folds of fat impede them. The patient develops knock knees.

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