The Swedish Society of Lymphology


Sweden has a long tradition within lymphology ever since the 17th century when Olof Rudbeck (1630-1702) made important discoveries and published in 1653 his thesis Nova exercitatio anatomica exhibens ductus hepaticos aquosos et vasa glandularum serosa.

The Swedish Society of Lymphology (Svensk Förening för Lymfologi, SFL) was founded in 1996 in Stockholm by initiative of Dr Iwona Swedborg among others.

The purpose of SFL is to defend lymphology interests, to promote research and education, and to work for development, diagnostics and treatment.

An annual seminar of one or two days is performed often with international speakers invited.

In 2016 the number of members were 120. SFL has a homepage in Swedish,, that is regularly updated with information within the field.

SFL has also recently finished a revision of the Swedish Lymphedema Guidelines which are available in Swedish on the homepage.

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