37th European Congress of Lymphology


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37th European Congress of Lymphology

3 and 4 June 2011

Warsaw Poland

President of the Congress: Waldemar L. OLSZEWSKI


Main Topics

1. Pathomechanism of injury to lymphatics and lymph nodes of limbs and organs (infection, trauma, cancer)
2. Dermatolymphangioademitis
3. Peripheral tissue fluid and lymph cells and proteins
4. Physiological principles of compression therapy of limb lymphedema (manual, mechanical, elastic support )
5. Physiological principles of surgical therapy of limb and organ lymphedema
6. Visualization of lymphatic system
7. Phlebolymphology

8. Lymphatic malformations


1. Bacteriology and antibiotic in prophylaxis and treatment of lymphedema (chronic & acute DLA)
2. Physiological principles of conservative treatment of lymphedema (compression)
3. Physiological principles of surgical therapy lymphedema (LV drainage, debulking)
4. Visualisation of lymphatic (lymphoscintigraphy, MRI, others)

Department of Surgical Research & Transplantology, Medical Research Centre Polish Academy of Sciences 5 Pawiƒskiego Str., 02-106 Warsaw Poland

E-mail: wlo@cmdik.pan.pl, waldemar.l.olszewski@gmail.com

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