ESL national Greek congress of lymphology


 To Prof. Evangelos Dimakakos 

President of the 6th Greek National Congress of Lymphology 

and to all the participants in the event. 

As President of the European Society of Lymphology, it’s really a great pleasure for me to send few words from our European Society to all of you who are going to participate in the 6th Greek National Congress of Lymphology.

First of all, I would like to thank Prof. Evangelos Dimakakos for having organized this congress and congratulate with him for the very intensive and highly scientific program of the event. He has always distinguished himself in the European world of Lymphology for his constant tenacity and passion with which he has contributed to the ESL activity since many years. As you all probably already know he is also going to organize the World Congress of Lymphology in 2021.

Thanks to the contributions of many of our Greek Colleagues, physicians, physiotherapists, nurses, surgeon, etc., the Greek Society of Lymphology has often brought significant contributions in the European Society and, sharing ourselves’ experiences, it allowed the improvement and widespread of the lymphological knowledge under both the clinical and the research points of view. Finally, I just want to wish you all a really good and fruitful congress. 

With friendship, 

Francesco Boccardo 

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