2022 European Course on Lymphatic Imagings In the Management of (Lymph)Edemas and Benign Lymphatic Pathologies



General information

  • Title Type:  continuing education
  • Category(s) – Thematic(s): Health – Medical Sciences
  • Organizing faculty(ies) and university(s): Centre for Continuing Education in Health and Life Sciences Free University of Brussels
  • Language(s) of instruction: English / French

Duration of training:  50 sessions (of 2 hours each spread) over a period of one year (see further preliminary program)

Type of schedule: weekdays in the evening or/and saturday morning or/and Saturday morning and afternoon


  • 1500€ tarif plein
  • 950€ tarif réduit

(550 Euros will be reimbursed to the first ten non-Belgian registrants (registered before the 1/01/2022) by the Foundation For Lymphology upon/after receipt of their final certificate)

Contacts : Phone : 32 2 555 85 17 / mail : helsci@ulb.be / pierre.bourgeois@erasme.ulb.ac.be

Conditions of access

All admissions are based on a file-docs.

The files-docs are to be completed directly online, on our registration platform. These are composed of questions about your academic & professional background. You will also need to upload a copy of your ID card and diploma. The training adapts to the current situation. Its quality program will therefore be given through virtual classes.

TO REGISTER, USE THE LINK: https://www.ulb.be/fr/programme/fc-724#admission

The training is designed in two stages-periods:

  • a time of theoretical, practical and clinical presentations “ex cathedra”, sanctioned by the delivery of a certificate of basic skills
  • a time of practice “on site” by the participants. These will be followed by the “group” of experts. During this period, participants are expected to implement in their practice the knowledge acquired. During this period, they remain in contact with their mentor(s), through tele-conferences and/or loco-regional meetings, during which the examinations carried out “on site” will be discussed, evaluated and if necessary corrected. This period will be sanctioned (after presentation of a work-report) by the delivery of a certificate of practical skills.


Preliminary Program 

This program is subject to adjustments depending on the availability of the participants and stakeholders and after consultation with them

3/03/2022: 20.00-22.00:

  1. Introduction to the course
  2. Presentation (by the students) of the methodologies available in their institutions for the imagings of the lymphatic system


5/03/2022: 09.00-17.00:

  1. Embryology, anatomy, micro-anatomy and physiology of the normal lymphatic system
  2. Pathophysiology of the edematous situations


In between 10/03 and 2/04/2022: 4 to 6 sessions of 2 hours: Dates to be defined

  1. Radiocolloids and other radiolabelled tracers for the lymphoscintigraphic investigations
  2. Contributions (qualitative and quantitative) of the lymphoscintigraphic approaches
  3. Our lymphoscintigraphic methodologies for the limb lymphedemas
  4. Definitions for lymphoscintigraphies
  1. Critical analysis of the various scintigraphic approaches


In between 2/04 and 7/05/2022: 4 sessions of 2 hours: Dates to be defined

  1. ICG and other fluorescent tracers
  2. NIRFI methodologies for the investigations of the lymphedemas and other lymphatic pathologies
  3. The imagings of the Sentinel Lymph Nodes
  4. Other applications of ICG for the imaging of the lymphatic system?


In between 7/05 and 18/06/2022: 4 sessions of 2 hours: Dates to be defined

  1. Tracers for Radiologic and Resonance Imagings of the lymphatic system
  2. MRI methodologies with presentations of their diagnostic (morphologic and/or functional) criteria
  3. Other imaging methods ?
    • UltraSounds?
    • MultiSpectral-Optical imaging and tomography??
    • Xray Lymphangiography and CT
    • Miscellaneous (PET? Vital dyes?…)



  1. European Society of Lymphology Meeting in Assisi Italy: first “Meet the experts”


In between 1/07/2022 and 1/10/2022: Dates to be defined

  1. The clinicians’ and the lymphoscintigraphist’s approaches of the Lymphedemas (and other lymphatic pathologies)
    • The primary lymphedemas
    • The syndroms with lymphovascular malformations
    • The 2ary upper limb lymphedemas
    • The mammary edemas
    • The Axillary Web Syndroms
    • The edemas of the face
    • The 2ary lower limb lymphedemas
    • The genital edemas
    • The lymphovenous edemas
    • “Lipedemas” and lymphatic system
    • The DD lipedema/obesity/lymphedema
    • The complications of the lymphedemas (infectious, cancerous,…)
    • Lymphorreas?
    • Lymphocelas?
    • Lymphangiomas?
    • Loss of chyle?
  2. The clinical and lymphoscintigraphic/MRI/NIRFI stagings of the lymphedemas


In between 1/10 and 1/11/2022: 4 sessions of 2 hours: Dates to be defined

  1. The paramedical evaluations of the lymphedemas (with presentation by the students of the methodologies available in their institutions for these evaluations)
  2. The Surgeons’ approaches of the Lymphedemas (and other benign lymphatic pathologies) (with presentation by the students of the surgical approaches available in their institution-country)
  3. The physiotherapists’ approaches of the Lymphedemas (and other benign lymphatic pathologies) (with presentation by the students of the physiotherapeutic approaches available in their institution-country)


In between 1/11/2022 and 1/03/2023:  10 sessions of 2 hours: Dates to be defined

  1. Clinical cases series with lymphocintigraphy and/or lymphofluoroscopy and/or LymphoMRI and with discussion with physiotherapist(s) and surgeon(s)
  2. “free” case reports presented by the student(s) with general discussion
  3. Lymphatic imagings and researches
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