In memory of Oldrich Eliska


Damn Virus! You deprived us of Him too! Of that nice Bohemian gentleman always full of enthusiasm and desire for confrontation in the scientific field.

You were a true lover of Lymphology and you have given great prestige to your country by presenting the results of your research in all the most qualified scientific fields on international level with your investigative spirit.

You were able to convey the interest and passion for Lymphology to many of your compatriots as well.

How can we forget the interesting annual congresses of ‘your’ Czech Society of Lymphology, to which, very often, I have been personally honored by your invitation to participate, always very popular with hundreds of your fellow citizens who have followed in your footsteps.

We will never forget you! You were a sincere friend, a gentleman, a scientist, but also a real man, full of courage and dignity. Rest in peace beside your dear bride!

You will still hear us talking about you from your new dimension: you deserve it!

Hi Oldrich and thank you for what you left us!

Rome 22 July 2021

Sandro Michelini



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