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  • OUR DEAR MASTER  AND FRIEND  PROFESSOR GENEVIEVE HIDDEN PASSED AWAY AND LEFT US ON 27th JUNE 2016 The  daughter of Geneviève HIDDEN doctor Françoise LUCET  phoned me immediately to inform the lymphologist colleagues and friends of the death of the great anatomist and surgeon . Geneviève HIDDEN... [read more]
  • Dear friends of the Czech society of lymphology, on behalf of its committee I am sending you a very sad information about the passing of professor Karel Benda who died last week after serious disease at the age of 80 years. Yours truly, Eva Uhrová Secretariat of the Czech society of lymp... [read more]
  • When a Master of Medicine leaves us, we all feel a bit more alone! Robert with a great sense of respect for the others, with great dignity and with simplicity told us many things though his life, as outcome of his great personal clinical experience. It was a great clinician, but also a great man!... [read more]