General Assembly Athens 15.05.10

  1. Relationship with other societies

Collaboration in evolution with the Milan University

Intern. Union of Phlebology: congress organised in Monaco

Simfer Nat. congress Pavia 2009

Eur.Soc. Phys. Rehab. Medicine Venice 10

  1. Web site of ESL

Belgrado explains the web site.

President Michelini proposes to renew our site to ameliorate the visits.

He says that the visitors have many problems to visit our site.

He proposes to have a better description of our activities even as to inform about our contacts with other associations in the field of lymphology (BLS, Australian…)

Olszewski proposes to send information concerning the next congress and to introduce the info in the web site.

Belgrado proposes that the scientific committee should participate to ameliorate the web site.

  1. Candidates for next executive committee

Dimikakos is proposed as national delegate and also as member of the executive committee

Cordero is proposed as member of the executive committee.

Both proposal are approved by vote

  1. New members of ESL :

Gersman as full member : approved by vote

Krousaniotaki Kiriaki as associate member : approved by vote

Kotyaloizoglou Christina as associate member : approved by vote

Cappellino Francesco as associate member : approved by vote

President Michelini thanks the all participants and more specially Dimakakos, organiser of the congress.

General assembly is closed

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