Reunion of the Executive Committee Athens 14.05.10


Reunion of the Executive Committee  Athens 14.05.10

09h30 : president Michelini Sandro opens the reunion

Presence :  Paependick, Belgrado, Olszewski,  Pissas, Beaumeister, Brun, Riquet, Failla, Boccardo, A. Leduc, Moneta

Absent : Leduc O (maintained in Spain because the Island volcano)

Introduction by president S. Michelini

  1. Balance sheet of the society

Belgrado exposes the balance sheet and explains some points :

a. members: at the end of 2009 we had 96 members in order with payment and 52 at April 2010 !

This is to be explained because some members pay their membership fee during the meeting : conclusion we have to wait after this meeting to know the exact amount of members in  order with payment for this year 2010.

Brun proposes to send the journal by post to the members to stimulate our members to pay the membership fee.

Belgrado estimates that such a sending would be to expensive

Baumeister proposes to send the listing of the members to the members in order with payment.

Belgrado : this looks not conform with the Belgian ethics

Baumeister proposes to send also the full listing to the members to give the possibility to some members to modify and to bring corrections in our listing of addresses because lot of addresses are not correct.

To avoid discussions with the Belgian law, Belgrado proposes to insert the listing of the members on the web site and to send the listing to the members of the executive committee.

Bourgeois proposes to send the journal by pdf but the members prefere the “paper” journal.

The mentioning of the listing on the web site is approved.

Pissas explains his particular satisfaction because the spirit of the GEL is Buy cheap Amoxil maintened: all the costs of the society are strictly refered to the journal.

The balance sheet is unanymly approved by vote.

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