Reunion of the Executive Committee Athens 14.05.10

  1. Relationship with other scientific societies

President Michelini mentions the collaboration with European and intern. Societies of Lymphology and also with the European Physical Rehabilitative Medicine Society. (Several members of our society are presenting papers during meetings and contacts with these societies)

  1. ESL Website

President Michelini proposes to renew our site to ameliorate the visits.

He says that the visitors have many problems to visit our site.

He proposes a better description of our activities even as to inform about our contacts with other associations in the field of lymphology (BLS, Australian…)

  1. New president election

Pissas gives a summary of the history of the society: he mentions that the society was initiated in 1980 and that the executive committee is elected for a 4 years period.

The executive committee has autority to elect the president.

In 88 some modifications were also introduced in the laws:

a. 80 % of the members of the executive committee, must be member of the ISL.

b. The executive committee is elected by the General Assembly.

8.  Executive committee

The listing of the members of the executive committee is proposed.

Hidden and Grande are not proposed to be renewed, by Michelini.

Michelini proposes also the election as members of the New Executive Committee of Isabel Forner Cordero and Evangelos Dimakakos: this proposal is approved.

The listing of the members of the executive committee is globally accepted by vote with the above modifications.

Conclusion : the election of the President may be organised next year.

  1. 10.  These points were not proposed because it was to late.

The reunion is closed at 09h30 pm  (the Gala diner is sheduled at 09h30 !)

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