Reunion of the Executive Committee Athens 14.05.10

  1. The European Journal of lymphology and rel. problems

President explains that we have 4 articles for the next issue of the Journal.

The Journal is recognized by “excerpta medica”

Boccardo explains that we have no impact factor and the publication of abstracts from a meeting is not to be used if the goal is to be recognized with an impact factor.

He insists by the members to introduce articles for the next issues.

Bourgeois proposes to mention the scientific awards in the journal: this proposal is approved.

Michelini proposes that  the names of the members of the executive committee will be published in the journal and also the names of the honorary presidents: approved by vote.

Michelini propose that about the list of the national delegates published in the journal should be:

no more mentioned : Hidden , Hirnle, Baulieu, Poujol

new mentioned : Wald, Rada, Dimakakos

to be modified : Bruna (Czhek Rep. no more South Africa)

This listing is approved by vote.

  1. Awards

Following prices : Caplan was scheduled each 2 years and Papamiltiades, each 5 years

Proposal :

Caplan price (anatomie, clinical) one year and the other year Papamiltiades price (physiology or patho physiology)  :proposal approved

  1. Next congresses

2011 : Warshow by Olszewski (approved)

2012 : Freiburg by E. Foeldi ( must be discussed next year : eventually in Valencia by Cordero because the Valencia proposal was approved for 2011 )

2013 : Rome by Michelini and/or Boccardo

2014 or 15 Brussels by P.Bourgeois

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