General Assembly Athens 15.05.10


19h30 President Michelini opens the reunion

  1. Balance of the Society

The balance of the society is described by Belgrado.

We have today 70 members in order with payment.

They were 52 before the meeting and they were 96 in 2009.

The balance is approved by vote.

  1. European Journal of lymphology and rel. problems

In 2009 we had 4 issues of the journal.

Boccardo insists on the negative aspect of the introduction of congress summaries in the journal if we want that our journal should be recognised with an “impact factor”.

Another possibility Buy cheap Lasix is to use the journal as new-paper.

We have 3 articles for the next issue. A pharmaceutic indutry pays for the journal (Cizeta Medicali of Milan) and we have nothing to debours.

  1. Awards  Caplan and Papamiltiades

Papamiltiades : one year

Caplan : the other year

Awards conditions are being published on the web site.

  1. Next congresses

2011                  Warshow by Olszewski

2012                  Open (Friburg – Valencia)

2013                  Rome- Genova (Michelini-Boccardo)

2014                  Brussels (Bourgeois)

Proposals approved by vote