The 2007 PB Lymphological Award selection :


Abs. 34:

“The role of Compression Garments in the Long-Term Management of Post-Mastectomy Lymphedema”

L Forner-Cordero, L Albiach-Gasco, J Munoz-Langa and D Maldonado-Garrido

Awarded 1000 Euros in 2008

Abs. 49:

“Dysfunction and secondary lymphedema in traumatology, complex therapy of burn trauma”

A Loskotova and J Loskotova

Abs. Poster  9:

“Lymphatic of the pleura: microstructure, inflammation and drainage of heavy metal particles”

MJR Oliveira, ASP Pereira, NR Grande and AP Aguas

The 2008 PB Lymphological Award selection :

Abs. 15:

“Lymphoedema post-mastectomy: primary prevention”

M Cestari, F Appetecchi, L curti and C de Rebotti

Abs. 24:

“Immunostimulation and decrease of phlogistic complications in lymphedema patients: preliminary study”

S Michelini, A Failla, G Moneta, M Cardone, V Rubegho and V Zinicola

Awarded 1000 Euros in 2009

Abs. 29:

“Development of lymphatic vessels in hypertrophic hearts”

E Okada

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