The 2009 PB Lymphological Award selection :

Abs. 6:

“The axillary web syndrome and physical therapy cases: comparison of 2 current treatments”

O Leduc, A Moreau, F Pastouret, A Tinlot, A Clement, T Parijs, F Beckers, JS Strappart and F Wilputte

Awarded 350 Euros in 2010


Abs. 13:

“Morbid obesity and lymphedema: a system of combined treatment”

CC Campisi, F Boccardo, C Campisi, E Benatti and FS Papadia

Awarded 350 Euros in 2010

Abs. 21:

“Characterization of lymphatics in non small cell lung carcinoma and correlation with lymph node metastasis: a preliminary morphological study”

A Cazes, M Douheret and M Riquet

Awarded 350 Euros in 2010

Abs. 28:

“Rosiglitazone effects in microvascular functions of Zucker fatty rats”

A Behar, E Cosson, K Tarhzaoui, G Leger and P Valensi

Abs. 29:

“Intralobular pulmonary lymphatic distribution in normal human lung”

M Kambouchner and JF Bernaudin

Abs. 38:

“Modification of the volume of lymph-nodes linked to the techniques of Manual Lymphatic Drainage”

JP Belgrado, C Rondeux, M Danet, J Senty, P Cullus, R Rosiella and JJ Moraine

The 2010 PB Lymphological Award selection :

Abs. Poster  9:

Interrelationship between fat cells and lymphatic endothelial cells in an adjuvant induced benign lymphangioma model

Ezaki T, Shimuzu K, Morikawa S, Kitahara S and Desaki J

Abs. Poster 15:

An extravascular cell migration pathway to lymphogenic route as revealed by specific markers for lymphatic vessels in the mouse spleen

Shimuzu K, Morikawa S, Kitahara S and Ezaki T

Abs. OP 11:

Epidemiology of lymphedema in Czech Republic: demands for health care (Update and perspective).

Benda K

Abs. OP 1:

The effect of paclitaxel treatment on the occurrence of lymphedema of the arm in unilateral breast cancer patients with axillary lymph node dissection: a prospective study.

Adriaenssens N, Lievens P, Fontaine C, Van Parijs H, Vanhoey M, Verfaillie G, Lamote J and De Greve J

Awarded 1000 Euros in 2012


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