Lymphedema deseaes


Lymphedema is a chronic, progressive disease caused by any reduction Buy Bactrim in the capacity of the lymphatic system to transport lymph and drain the fluid out of the interstitial space back into the circulatory system. Primary lymphedema is caused by genetic abnormalities of the lymph vessel system. Secondary lymphedema may result from carcinomas and their treatments, from injuries, operations, and infections such as filariae, mycoses, bacteria, and viruses, or from artificial causes.

The leading cause of secondary lymphedema worldwide is filarias is, a tropical disease caused by worms. In Europe, breast cancer and its treatment are the most common cause, with a frequency of 20 – 30 percent depending on the treatment type. Lymphedema not only results in aesthetic problems due to the swelling of an extremity, it also results in functional problems due to pain, heaviness, and restricted mobility as well as psychological problems.

Lymphedema can appear immediately following a risk event, but onset may also be delayed for many years.

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